eCommerce Coaching

The Best Way To Get the Targeted Advice & Fast Track Your eCommerce Business

Creating & consistently growing your own direct to consumer (DTC) brand isn’t easy.  Founders and eCommerce managers are challenged every day with questions such as, “what new products do our customers want?”, “how can we improve store conversion?”, “what is the best app for cart upsells?”, “should I launch on Amazon?”, “how can we expand our sales into the US?”, “how can we negotiate better terms with our factory?”; and many many more.

You can get a lot of general answers by trawling through Youtube and joining various Facebook Groups, and I do recommend you do that. However, the simple stuff you can learn in free training is mostly basic, often out of date, and not designed with the specific needs of your business in mind.   You’ve probably already wasted hours trying to get answers that work for your brand. Hours you could have spent doing more productive things!

If you’re an established brand with some runs on the board and looking to take your business to the next level, it’s time to invest in an eCommerce Coach! 

Coaching Packages

The first thing to consider is how much help you need. Take a look at the options below & consider which one suits you best for where your business is at right now.

eCommerce Mentor

  • Quarterly Strategy Sessions
  • Monthly Checkins
  • On-Demand Email Enquiries

eCommerce Mentor Package

eCommerce Mentoring is more informal than my full coaching packages.  While I believe in setting a regular heartbeat of sessions, they assume a strong foundational knowledge in business management skills and eCommerce technicalities.   This package is designed to suit the needs of seasoned entrepreneurs, experienced business owners as well as eCommerce Managers who want private mentoring outside their organisation to succeed in their role.

The Package includes:

eCommerce Coaching

  • Quarterly Strategy Sessions
  • Monthly Management Meeting
  • Mid-Month Subject Deep Dive
  • On-Demand Email Enquiries
  • 1 Bonus Coaching Call per Quarter

eCommerce Coaching Package

eCommerce Coaching is perfect for anyone with some good early traction and is looking to drive more sales, improve operations and get ready to expand with new products and markets in the future.  Perfect for solo-preneurs or small family businesses that don’t have a large team to help help them execute.

The Package includes:

eCommerce Coaching

  • Quarterly Strategy Sessions
  • Weekly Management Meeting
  • Mid-Month Subject Deep Dive
  • On-Demand Email Enquiries
  • 1 Bonus Coaching Call per Quarter
  • Messenger Chat Support

eCommerce Coaching Platinum Package

eCommerce Coaching Platinum is often the perfect fit for $1M+ revenue, or businesses with a team that also need mentoring.   It’s also great as a ‘burst plan’ if you’re going through a period of major change & need that extra level of help, for example launching on another platform or in another country.  

The Package includes:

Examples of Typical Deep Dive Topics

eCommerce Business Economics

New Product Strategy & Sourcing

Organic Facebook Content Strategy

Facebook Messenger Marketing

Facebook Advertising Strategy

Agency Sourcing & Management

Customer List Building & CRM Selection

Team Building & VA Management

Google Shopping Strategy

Promotion Planning

Marketing Automation

Channel Strategy

Technology Selection & Store Plugins

Email Marketing Strategy

Store Converstion Rate Optimization

Sustainable Packaging

Product Research & Design

Sustainable Supplier Sourcing

Product Images & Video

Upsell & Cross Sell Strategy

Growth Strategy

Get Unstuck & Map Your Way to Profitable Growth

Email Marketing

eCom is About Returning Customers. If your Email Strategy is Not Working, We Need to Fix it!

Conversion Rate Optimization

Improve your return from every store visitor

eCommerce Automation

How to Get Your Time Back with Smart Automation

Advertising Strategy

Facebook Ads not Performing? Let's Take a Fresh Look at Your Strategy

Sustainability Transformation

From Product to Packaging, Lets' Explore How to Build Your Business for a Healthier Planet