Giles Smith

Hi, I'm Giles Smith. I'm a serial entrepreneur, product innovator and eCommerce coach. I've been building businesses for the past 20 years, and focused on eCom for the past 10.  As direct to consumer brands, I believe eCom businesses have a great power to influence the sustainability narrative, and a great responsibility to ensure environmental stewardship from our activities. 

My mission is to multiply our industry's influence by helping sustainable brands grow, and to help traditional brands adopt sustainable practices & materials.

I'm passionate about helping you grow; both your brand and you personally as a skilled & environmentally conscious eCommerce entrepreneur.  For that reason my coaching style is a mix of mentoring, skill-teaching and practical done-with-you planning & strategy development.

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The Full Back Story

After completing a PhD in Geology, I started my first business (a web development company) back when I was 25. I had no idea what I was doing!  Somehow my business caught the interest of an up coming digital agency in London, and shortly after I was hired as a digital brand consultant & project manager. 

My partner & I moved to Australia in 2002.  After a period as a terribly unsuccessful door-to-door salesman I joined a little SaaS company as CTO. Over the next 10 years we built that business from a little over $2m in revenue in 2003 to over $75m when I left in 2014 (the business eventually sold for $140m in 2019).  As a leader in that business I got exposure to everything from people-leadership, corporate strategy, marketing, sales, customer service and automation. 

For the past decade I've been creating and scaling my own businesses. I've created 3 online eCommerce brands from the ground up, including SoundWhiz, a niche running audio brand which reached mid 7 figures & retail distribution in 16 countries.  During that time, we pioneered several digital marketing practices, becoming world leaders in Chat Marketing. To this day I don't know anyone in agency-land who's explored the power of chat marketing more deeply or broadly than we did.  Thanks to a long-term commitment to building a real brand with strong customer relationships and outstanding customer service, we were also one of the (very) few brands who successfully transitioned from an Amazon FBA seller to a successful off-Amazon international brand. Believe me, we have the battle scars and powerful lessons that go with it.

After exiting SoundWhiz in 2019, my business partner & I decided to share our knowledge & help others achieve similar online success.  Together we founded Beyond Points, a leading eCommerce-focused digital marketing agency.  I'm proud to say that our agency has been the catalyst in propelling multiple brands from $0 in online sales to over $1m in annual revenue since we started.  

Having lived it for my own brands as well as mentoring multiple other brand owners though the agency and more recently my coaching brand Sustainable eCom, I am uniquely positioned to help you grow your own online business.