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Building a sustainable brand is a powerful opportunity, but one that comes with a unique set of challenges.  Let us help you navigate them and grow your brand faster!

We Can Help You With

Marketing Strategy

Want to attract more of the right customers?
A powerful brand story can help minimize price sensitivity - often the key to success when using sustainable materials

Store Optimization

Traffic without conversion is pointless.
If your site converts at less than 5%, we'll deep dive into how you can get more sales!

Product Expansion

Growth doesn't just mean more marketing.
Sourcing and manufacturing sustainable products can be a minefield that we can help you navigate effectively.

International Expansion

Is Your Local Market Capping Your Growth?
If you're ready for other markets and marketplaces, let me guide you how to do that.

If you run a sustainable brand & want to grow into a Force For Nature, we can help you scale!  We also love working with established ecommerce brands that need help transitioning to sustainable materials and practices. 

What is an eCommerce Coach?

An eCommerce Coach is someone who has a deep experience of the online (typically direct to consumer) business model, and uses those skills to guide you as you create & grow your own brand. 

eCommerce Coaching is very different to eCommerce training. You can find pre-packaged training courses for one thing or another all over the internet.  For sure many of those are great primers to getting your first few sales, learning the basics of Facebook Ads and so on. 

However, beyond the basics, every business is unique. Your business deserves dedicated 1:1 attention. Commerce Coaching works best when it’s personalised & tailored to guide you with exactly what you need, when you need it.  

eCommerce Coaching overlaps heavily with business coaching.  It includes common elements like general business advice, strategy guidance, management skills, accountability etc. The key difference is that an eCommerce coach will also be able to dive deeper into the specifics of the field, including marketing funnels, tools, techniques, technology choices and other topics to help grow your specific business. 

As an experienced eCommerce brand owner, I specialise in helping early stage brands accelerate to their first few million in revenue.  

eCommerce Coaching Packages

Growth Mentor

Ideal for established brands and experienced eCompreneurs wanting to get to the next level
  • Quarterly 90 Minute Strategy Sessions
  • Monthly 60 min Checkin
  • On-Demand Email Enquiries (48h turn-around)

eCommerce Coach

Perfect for Early Stage Brands <$1m
  • Quarterly 90 Minute Strategy Sessions
  • Monthly Management & Accountability Session (60 min)
  • Mid-Month Coaching - Subject Deep Dive (60 Minutes)
  • On-Demand Email Enquiries (48h turn-around)
  • 1 Bonus Coaching Call per Quarter (As Needed)

eCommerce Coach Platinum

Perfect for Brands >$1M looking for Extra Help
  • Quarterly 90 Minute Strategy Sessions
  • Weekly Management & Accountability Session (60 min)
  • Mid-Month Coaching - Subject Deep Dive (60 Minutes)
  • 1 Bonus Coaching Call per Quarter (As Needed)
  • On-Demand Email Enquiries (24h turn-around)
  • Messenger Chat Support to Ad-Hoc Enquiries so you never get held up!

Success Stories

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Giles Smith - eCommerce Coach

eCommerce Coach & Serial Entrepreneur

About Giles

I’m a serial entrepreneur, eCommerce expert & coach.  Over the past decade I’ve built multiple online brands, and helped dozens of other entrepreneurs create & grow their own eCom businesses.

eCommerce Coaching - Are We a Good Fit?

No matter what stage your business is at, having someone in your pocket you can call for advice, bounce ideas off and generally point you in the right direction is a powerful thing!  

You’ll definitely benefit most from any coach if you’ve already got some sales traction and ideally have your own online store (as opposed to relying wholly on Amazon or one of the other marketplaces).  Generally, I wouldn’t recommend getting a coach if you haven’t already started your business.

Apart from that, whether you’re a relatively new entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner, I can help you grow your online brand! 

The brands I work with range from recent start-ups all the way to low 7-figure brands across a variety of verticals / niches. I particularly specialise in helping early stage eComs generate momentum, and scale up to sustainable cash-flow positive businesses.

If you’re the founder or owner of a direct to consumer brand looking to grow, then I can help you!

Common Questions About eCommerce Coaching

If you’re looking to grow your business, finding a suitable eCommerce coach is a smart move!  A coach can help you avoid roadblocks, make better strategic choices and select the best technology to automate your business. Ultimately, with a coach you can grow your business faster, more predictably and avoid wasting time and money on avoidable mistakes.

If you’re already a seasoned eCommerce entrepreneur, you may be better served by finding an informal mentor than entering into a formalised coaching relationship. You should also think twice about hiring a coach if you haven’t actually started your business yet.  


A ‘Mentor’ is typically an informal advisor – someone you can bounce ideas off and ‘pick their brains’ when needed.  While both tend to involve an experienced person, ‘Mentoring’ in general is more ad-hoc.  Most formal Coaching arrangements include mentoring as part of the programme.

While some coaches expect a minimum commitment of 6 or 12 months, I don’t believe that serves you best.  An effective coaching relationship is based on trust as well as specific and personalised advice / guidance, not a fixed term contract. For that reason, I don’t have a minimum term.  That being said, it does take time for any relationship to bear fruit, and depending on how quickly you can execute the plans we develop, you need to give any coaching relationship at least 3-6 months.

The purpose of any coaching relationship is to develop YOUR skills and help you achieve YOUR goals.  I provide targeted teaching, as well as done-with-you strategy & planning sessions. Ultimately we’re working on your business, so the execution is always down to you.  Whether that means DIY or hire a staff member comes down to what’s needed at the time. 

During our FREE consultation call we’ll dig into your goals, business lifecycle stage and your existing level of expertise. Together we’ll pick the right package.  I generally work one of 3 different ‘levels’ or coaching plans depending on what you need. 

You can find out more about my coaching plans here.

Honestly, it makes no difference where you’re based.  All our sessions are 1:1 Zoom calls. I have clients across Australia, NZ and the US.  The UK is a little tricky due to time zones, but if you can be a bit flexible on time, we can work something out.

I do recommend Shopify, it’s a fabulous platform, especially if you’re in the early stages of growth. However, all of the strategies we discuss, including site conversion rate optimization should be equally applicable on other platforms.

Growing Your Brand

Like any business, there is a bewildering array of topics to grasp in order to scale your online brand effectively.  Unlike traditional business, the landscape is evolving at breakneck speed. Staying on top of it can be the difference between effective, profitable growth and expensive mistakes.  In this series of articles I share the latest insights both as a practitioner and from active observations of what’s working across the board with my clients, my agency contacts and industry connections.