Month: July 2022

15 July 2022

EP21 – How to Use Active Transparency in Your Brand Messaging

Welcome to Episode 21 of the Sustainable Ecommerce Podcast In today’s show, I thought it would be useful to summarise a common thread that’s weaved its way through many of the interviews we’ve had so far, and comes up as a challenging topic in one […]

8 July 2022

EP20 – The Secrets to Building a Circular Consumer Brand

Welcome to Episode 20 of the Sustainable Ecommerce Podcast! Reflecting back on the past few years of interactions with brand founders especially some of the guests we’ve had on this show, I’ve become more & more convinced that re-use and circularity represent the best model […]

1 July 2022

EP19 – Helping Consumers Make More Informed Choices

Welcome to Episode 19 of the Sustainable Ecommerce Podcast! One of the biggest challenges we face as our industry migrates to more sustainable practices is the ability for consumers to understand what they are purchasing, and be able to make informed choices about what they’re […]