Month: April 2023

10 April 2023

EP51 – Using Sustainability Story for Growth & Impact with Mckenna Haz

EP51 – Sustainable Ecommerce Podcast This week we go a little further afield and we cross the waves to the US for our founder interview. Mckenna Haz is a young Canadian entrepreneur, building a sustainable activewear brand call SEAAV.  Now, activewear is an immensely crowded […]

3 April 2023

EP50 – What’s the Real Story with Sustainable Packaging with Adam Sarfati

Ep50 – Sustainable Ecommerce Podcast It’s no coincidence that we’ve accepted HeapsGood packaging as our first sponsor.  Aside from being one of the easiest onramps for a brand to start doing this more sustainably, sustainable packaging is actually a really important element and vehicle for […]