Month: September 2022

30 September 2022

EP26 – The Keys to Equity Crowdfunding Success with Ace & Adam

Welcome to Episode 26 of the Sustainable Ecommerce Podcast! This week we’re focusing on Equity Crowdfunding Success! I have a kind of double treat for you, not just because my guests Adam Sarfati and Ave Reunis are Co-Founders of sustainable brand, but because they’ve started […]

23 September 2022

EP25 – Unf*cking the Fashion Industry with Zoltan Csaki

Welcome to Episode 25 of the Sustainable Ecommerce Podcast! Unless you’ve been living in a nudist colony for the past decade, I’m sure you’ll be aware that the fashion industry has a particularly bad rap when it comes to sustainability.  With fast fashion, rampant over […]

16 September 2022

EP24 – Green Is The New Black (Friday) with Peter Krideras

Welcome to Episode 24 of the Sustainable Ecommerce Podcast! Sales season is fast approaching, with Black Friday & Cyber Monday on the calendar in just a few months.    Classically they involve some of the year’s deepest discounts and can result in a flurry of […]

9 September 2022

EP23 – Being Driven By Purpose With Prisca Ongonga-Daehn

Welcome to Episode 23 of the Sustainable Ecommerce Podcast! Today I’m joined by Prisca Ongonga-Daehn, founder and CEO at Baresop. In a nutshell, Baresop make powder-based personal care products, like soap, & body wash. You basically purchase re-usable foaming dispensers and refill them from home […]

2 September 2022

EP22 – 10 Things You Must Do To Get Traction & Impact

Welcome to Episode 22 of the Sustainable Ecommerce Podcast! I am very excited to kick off this new season today, we have an amazing line up of brand founders & innovators, as well as service providers working to make your brand growth that little bit […]