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8 July 2022

EP20 – The Secrets to Building a Circular Consumer Brand

Welcome to Episode 20 of the Sustainable Ecommerce Podcast! Reflecting back on the past few years of interactions with brand founders especially some of the guests we’ve had on this show, I’ve become more & more convinced that re-use and circularity represent the best model […]

6 May 2022

EP11 – Making Product Sustainability More Transparent for Everyone

Welcome to Episode 11 of the Sustainable eCommerce Podcast! Today I’m joined by another amazing Aussie entrepreneur.  Austin Simms is the founder of Dayrize, a software platform revolutionizing product impact assessments for all brands. The platform makes it easier to improve products, easier to benchmark […]

17 December 2021

Certifications for Sustainable eCommerce Brands

Consumers are increasingly looking for products and brands that align with their values. With Greenwashing rife, how can you help customers make an informed choice with valid sustainability certification?